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Company best dessert in less than an hour.


A dessert for a special occasion! Layers of cake scented with liquer, decadent dessert mix and seasonal fruit, peeking through a glass server and decorated with style.


1 Package Cherry Cheesecake Dessert Mix
1 8" Chocolate Cake Layer, made as per         directions from a mix or purchased, plain not iced
1 8oz. package Cream Cheese
1 16 oz. container Frozen Whipped Topping   (CoolWhip) OR 1 500ml. container of Whipping   Cream (35% Cream)
2 cans (19oz) or 1 bag (400g) black cherries,   pitted, or 4 cups fresh bing cherries, pitted
1/4 cup Cherry Whiskey or Kirsch
1 Bar Plain Chocolate for Decoration

Just a few ingredients to create your trifle.


For Dessert Mix:

If using frozen topping, allow it to thaw before beginning. If using real whipping cream, place in bowl of mixer and beat until very firm peaks set in. Do not add sugar. Do not beat too long or it will become chunky. Turn off mixer, place whipped cream in a separate bowl. Take about 1 cup of the thawed topping or whipped cream and place in a piping bag with star tip, or if you don't have a bag, just use a sandwich baggie.
Place block of cream cheese in mixer. Beat on medium speed with beater, or use whisk attachment. Scrape down the bowl. Continue to blend until it is creamy textured. With mixer running, slowly pour in contents of dessert mix. Continue to beat until it is evenly blended in. Add 2 Tbsp. very hot water. Blend until smooth.
Turn mixer off. Add whipping cream or thawed, frozen dessert mix. Very slowly blend together using the lowest setting of your mixer. Blend just until it combines with the pink mix. This can also be done by hand if your mixer doesn't work at very low speed. Just gently fold together with a flexible spatula.

Drain fruit well.
Bake or purchase cake base.

For Cake:

If using purchased cake, place it in a pan or dish of approximately the same size. If you made the cake, return it to the pan you baked it in after cooling. You only need one layer, any extra layers can be used for another dessert.

If using canned fruit, drain and reserve the juice. For frozen fruit, defrost and reserve any juice that accumulates. For fresh fruit, use a potato masher to mash about 1/3 cup cherries.

Measure 1/4 cup of cherry juice. Add 1/4 cup whiskey. Pour evenly over cake, and use a pastry brush to spread it right to the edges. Continue to brush until most of the juice has been absorbed.

Soften the cream cheese first.
Add the dessert mix to the cream cheese.
Add Cool Whip gently.

To Assemble Trifle:

Use a clear glass trifle dish or a large glass bowl. 
Cut the cake into small squares, about 2" each. Fit a layer of the cake squares into the bottom of the dish, cutting squares to make pieces fit. It doesn't have to be perfect but you want to have cake right to the edges of the dish.
Spread half the cream cheese mixture over the cake layer, using the back of a spoon or small flexible spatula to even the surface.
Spread half the reserved fruit over the cream cheese layer, spacing evenly.
Repeat the above 3 steps once more, using the other half of the cream cheese mixture and the fruit, and as much cake as you need to make a layer (you may have leftover cake).
Use the piping bag with the plain whipped cream or topping, and decorate the trifle as you wish. If using a sandwich baggie, cut about 1/4" of the bottom corner of the bag, and twist the empty part of the bag until the cream comes out the hole.
You may decorate the top with shaved or curled chocolate and fresh fruit if desired.

Gently break apart cooled cake layer.
Dessert mix needs to cool before assembly.
Begin layering your trifle.
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