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Who is Franny? The woman that inspired our love for food, our appreciation for happy family times, and our respect for this wonderful place we live in. 

Franny was my mother. When she was married, she had never tried to cook anything more complicated than a sandwich, but she was determined that her family would enjoy the finest of home cooked meals. She loved to experiment with new flavours, and over time she developed a reputation as the finest cook in the neighbourhood. She was always found in the kitchen, holding her favourite red handled spoon, while something delicious bubbled on the stove or roasted in the oven. There were always extra chairs at the dinner table for friends and strangers. We never realized how fortunate we were until she was gone. But she taught us well, and to be able to share her love for all things delicious is our mission.

We want to make it easy for you to have your own happy family times, gathered around the table or just relaxing with friends. We hope that you enjoy our mixes, and we thank you for your continued support of our family business.

Vintage Cookbook
Rustic Kitchen
Happy Kids Restaurant
Rolling the Dough
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